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YMCA is proud to announce that it has been appointed official distributor for the FLYN yachting products.

FLYN yachting can certify the position in international waters or in national waters at the time of a yacht’s sale. This means tracking the position of a yacht either during its departure for sale in international waters or during its presence in a port for sale in an EU territory. It also entails calculation of the entry and exit crossings of international waters or position report of the yacht in a port.

FLYN yachting can also provide a certificate of positioning in a country outside the customs territory of the EU, upon exit from the EU: this means tracking the navigation of a yacht leaving EU waters. It also entails calculation of entry crossings into territorial waters and/or a port outside the EU customs territory.

Other services include:

  • The certificate of entry into the customs territory of the EU for temporary admission purposes;
  • The establishment of a fuel register at the end of the year;
  • The establishment of the time spent by a given yacht in different Mediterranean territorial waters;
  • The study of the economic activity of yachts, and the use of ports, shipyards and anchorages by yachts in the Mediterranean;
  • The specific study on request

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this matter.

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