What we do

The YMCA Yachting team members are legal, customs and tax specialists.
We have the skills and expertise to guide all yachting professionals such as Captains, yacht managers, brokers, family offices and yacht owners through
the intricacies of the different legislations applicable in the EU waters.

Our goal is to ensure both non-commercial AND commercially operated yachts comply with the local rules.


YMCA is mainly here to help you executing customs formalities related to your yacht.

Customs are responsible for collecting the tax and duties on goods crossing the border of the country they represent. Nowadays, the borders have to be understood as European Union borders.

Customs are the first matter to consider when entering EU waters. YMCA assists you in implementing schemes to mitigate VAT and customs duties for your yacht whenever it is possible. We are not fiscal representatives (meaning that we do not help you paying the VAT on charter contracts for example). Our purpose is to set your vessel in free circulation throughout the European Union.

Also, the reason we are based in France is because it is the easiest location for importing your yacht. Indeed, an importation carried out in French waters offers many ways to reduce or prevent the application of customs duties and tax upon arrival in Europe.

Of course, our scope of activity extends beyond formalities. We are also able to help you should you have any litigation issues with the customs authorities.

Apart from customs regulations, we are also competent to assist you with maritime social regulations, tax issues related to yachting and other regulatory questions you may have.

Customs & Tax


  • Payment of VAT on the hull and customs duties
  • Temporary Admission for exhibition
  • Temporary Admission for commercial use (YET and tender)
  • Temporary importation for works
  • Commercial importation for yachts under VAT exemption
  • Special authorization requested to customs
  • Oral declaration procedure
  • Cash-on-board customs declarations
  • Exportation
  • …………

Yacht audit & litigation prevention

  • Risk assesment audit of yacht’s status
  • Preventing and anticipating any customs & tax requirements that might arise
  • Regular checks and bespoke follow-up on new regulations in the EU

Other yachting regulations


  • Crew insurance and social security regulation
  • Yacht’s sale assistance
  • Flag registration

Negotiation & litigations

  • Coordinating and expediting applications and special requests
  • Liaising with Customs in case of dispute
  • Out-of-court mediation

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