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As you may know, our main focus lies with the customs formalities applicable to yachts :

✔YMCA is here to help you file importation and exportation documents (including, among others, the French commercial exemption).

✔We can also assist with filing temporary admission verbal declaration documents for eligible yachts.

✔In case of litigation with customs authorities, we are also here to help mitigate the penalties and acting as a mediator between the yacht’s owner and the customs.

✔Within the framework of yacht sales, you can count on us to provide any advice you would need as regards, not only customs and tax issues, but also drafting of the different documents involved in a sale (protocols and contracts for example).

✔We can also help you with the cash declaration If you carry 10 000 euros or more onboard. This must be done upon entering or leaving French and Monegasque waters. Failure to declare the cash is punishable by a substantial fine in the case of a control.

✔And we can obtain special authorizations from Customs for sea trials, for promotional purposes, and also for permission for the Owner to sleep onboard without a charter contract in place.

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