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The YMCA Team handles a wide range of  formalities that extends beyond the well-known importation and exportation Customs procedures.


Our expertise includes:


  • Filing cash declarations in France and in Monaco


If you carry 10 000 euros or more onboard, you must make a Customs declaration. This must be done upon entering or leaving French and Monegasque waters. Failure to declare the cash is punishable by a substantial fine in the case of a control.


  • Filing the French social conditions exemption procedure


We can file a procedure that exempts a commercial vessel from French social conditions.


  • Obtaining Customs special authorizations


We can obtain special authorizations from Customs for sea trials, for promotional purposes, and also for permission for the Owner to sleep onboard without a charter contract in place.


  • Doing a preventive audit


YMCA can carry out a complete audit on your vessel’s situation.  We will ask for certain information and based on it, we will issue a report stating whether your vessel complies with Customs, Tax, and Social regulations.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!


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