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YMCA is here to assist you during two procedures that can be especially useful during the offseason, the inward processing regime and the customs warehouse regime.

  1. Inward processing regime

YMCA can help you file customs formalities to place a vessel under the inward processing regime. We will keep the stock account data and monitor the development of the procedure until the end.

The inward processing procedure allows a non-EU vessel (used as a means of transportation) to be relieved from custom duties and taxes when refitted or repaired in the EU customs’ territory.

The vessel arrives into the EU under temporary admission and is placed under the inward processing regime while it undergoes a refit. Once the works have been completed, the vessel has the choice between being replaced under the temporary admission or exported.

An exportation declaration is always mandatory when the vessel decides to leave EU waters, even after being replaced under the temporary admission (TA) regime.

There is also an obligation to touch a non-EU country to prove exit from the EU.

Note that the authorization for works suspends the temporary admission time limit. However, the total period under TA (works included) cannot exceed a duration of 24 months.

  1. Customs warehouse regime

The other procedure YMCA can help you with, particularly during the offseason, is the customs warehouse regime. This regime applies when a non-EU vessel is in the EU waters without a determined customs status. These vessels can be placed under the customs warehouse regime by filing a formal customs declaration. They will then remain monitored by customs on a special quay. During the time the vessel spends under the customs warehouse regime, no VAT nor duties are applicable.

This regime is useful when the vessel is awaiting to be imported, placed under a specific regime or sold. Note that also under this regime, the temporary admission 18 month time-delay is suspended.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested by these procedures.


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