Sanction your Temporary Admission status with a verbal declaration document !

Feb. 17, 2023 |  Blog - Customs & Tax - 

As you may know, some non-EU flag yachts can benefit from the temporary admission relief (TAR) in the EU waters up to 18 months in a row if they are owned by a non-EU company and used by an ultimate beneficial owner resident outside the European Union.

It is possible (albeit optional) to officialize the TAR status through a verbal declaration document (71-01). This document can be very useful as it states the starting point of the 18 month time-delay. Additionally, some EU countries have a very narrow interpretation of the Union customs code and still believe that the TAR must mandatorily be sanctioned by a verbal declaration document.

In France, we would advise to carry out this procedure preferably in Monaco, Cannes, or Port Vendres.

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