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Dear partners,

YMCA is an independent consultancy company in the yachting sector, which provides its clients with guidance particularly focused on customs and fiscal aspects

We are appointed as authorized economic operators, meaning that we can file the customs procedures for yachts directly without any intermediary.

This means that working with us is faster and more efficient.

Please find hereunder a non-exhaustive list of our services:

  • Importation of commercial vessels under VAT exemption schemes such as the French commercial exemption and the French reverse charge
  • Assistance with the VAT payment on the hull
  • Temporary importation for works
  • Temporary admission verbal declaration document and clearance of the same
  • Temporary admission for exhibition procedure
  • Special authorization from customs
  • Cash declarations
  • Customs warehouse regime
  • Survey Report
  • Consultancy and litigation services with customs and tax authorities

We remain at disposal should you have any question,

Best regards,

The YMCA team

T: +33 (0) 4 92 00 43 90


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