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Despite the current circumstances, we are still hoping that many yachts will come to the European Union this season.

As you may know, before entering the European Union, non-EU commercial vessels must think about their customs status.

In France, we have the easiest options when it comes to importation under VAT exemption. You can choose between the French commercial exemption (exemption subject to the respect of the 70% rule) and the French reverse charge (the 70% rule is not a condition of this exemption).

There is also the specific case of the US built commercial boats that were imported before June 22nd ,2018. They can also benefit from a VAT exempted importation under the returned goods relief provided they keep following the customs conditions related to their last importation before the above date. For example, a yacht imported under the French commercial exemption before June 22nd ,2018 will need to prove the respect of the exemption in 2019 to benefit from the returned goods relief in 2020.

The other aspect to take into consideration is the non-EU tender or chase boat attached to the  formally imported main vessel.

If the tender or chase boat does not have its own registration and if it fits onboard, there is no need to carry out any further formality as they will follow the customs regime of the main vessel.

If the tender or chase boat has its own registration and does not fit onboard, a verbal declaration document will need to be filed in order for the tender or chase boat to have the right to carry EU residents onboard.

In any case, if the tender or chase boat does not fit onboard, we encourage you to seek a proper registration for the concerned vessel.

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