Clarifications regarding the date of entry into force of the provisions repealing the VAT lump-sum reduction for charters starting from France

Dec. 7, 2020 |  Blog - 

There has been a clarification (rescript from 4th December 2020 from the French tax authorities regarding the cancellation of the VAT lump sum reduction for charters (long or short term) departing from France:

The publication of the tax authorities’ comments concerning the cancellation of the lump-sum VAT reduction for leases departing from France took place on November 6, thus the previous interpretation remains applicable to contracts executed prior to that date. The tax authorities therefore admit that a contract executed before November 6 can still benefit from the VAT lump sum reduction.

In addition, in view of the economic context, the authorities have also stated that any contract signed no later than November 30, 2020 for which a purchase order had already been signed on November 6, 2020 may benefit from the former interpretation and therefore from the lump-sum reduction.

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